About Us

City Hawk FC

We found city hawk FC in 2023 with the primary goal of identifying and developing young talent for professional footballers. Our trainings philosophy is based on the child's overall development, which involves physical, technical, psychological, and social development.

City Hawk FC is a competitive football club founded in 2023 with the goal of teaching life lessons through football.

We are committed to the growth and placement of our individual players at City Hawk FC. Our organization’s success is based on the pillars of unity, trust, humility, discipline, superior efforts, and pride. These fundamentals, our staff’s determination, and our thorough examination of every aspect of the game allow us to make the game you’ve always wished a reality.

We are a young organization founded by sports enthusiasts with a vision to contribute towards upcoming health and fitness revolution in India. We firmly believe that our youth need to be involved in sports for multiple gains as good health, character building, positive attitude, team building and leadership skills.

mission statement

Our mission is to give every kid with the chance to play and a platform for every talent to grow. We aspire to build good athletes and even great people via comprehensive personality development.

value statement

Known for its firm values of transformation, affirmative action, integrity, professionalism, independence and teamwork, Province epitomizes excellence and dynamic leadership, striving for success both on and off the field.

vision statement

City Hawk FC seeks to be “The Association” in the world footballing fraternity, reflecting the energy and richness of our diverse communities, their heritage and future. 

We provide the most comprehensive program in the region, dedicated to overall player development.

City Hawk Camp
Football training focuses on both technical and tactical aspects of the game. Individual and team skills are stressed in a competitive environment. Training is designed to help players perform and execute high level techniques.
City Hawk FC emphasizes continuous psychological development, personal awareness, self-confidence, motivation, discipline, goal setting, and team building as tools for increasing effectiveness in stressful situations and on a daily basis.
Meet our Team

Our Management Team

Our Highly Experienced Dedicated Team Takes Time to Listen and Learn About Your Operational Needs. Our Expertise, Care, Technology, and Insight Create Amazing Work Environments, Helping Our Players Be Exceptional Every Day.


Meet Our Coaching Staff

City Hawk FC coaching staff who are specialists in their fields implement performance training. Speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, endurance, and nutrition are all routinely addressed.